Chemistry 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Chemistry past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

41. Calculate the mass of copper deposited if a current of 0.45A flows through CuSO4 solution for 1hour 15mins.   [Cu=64.0, S= 32.0, O =16.0, 1F= 96500C]

  • A. 6.40g
  • B. 0.67g
  • C. 0.64g
  • D. 0.45g

42. Classification of alkanols is based on the 

  • A. number of carbon atoms present in the compound
  • B. molecular mass of the compound
  • C. molecular formula of the compound
  • D. number of alkyl groups bonded to the carbon having the hydroxyl group

43. The name of the compound \(C_{4}H_{9}COOC_{3}H_{7}\) is

  • A. propyl pentanoate
  • B. pentyl propanoate
  • C. butyl propanoate
  • D. propyl butanoate

44. Which of the following pairs of gases are pollutants from car exhaust?

  • A. Nitrogen(II) oxide and Carbon(IV) oxide
  • B. Carbon(IV) oxide and Nitrogen
  • C. Carbon(II) oxide and Sulphur(IV) oxide
  • D. Carbon(II) oxide and oxygen

45. Fats and oils can be obtained from any of the following sources except

  • A. paraffin oil
  • B. animals
  • C. groundnuts
  • D. palm kernel

46. The condensation of two units of glucose will produce a dissacharide with the formula \(C_{12}H_{22}O_{11}\) which is

  • A. sucrose
  • B. maltose
  • C. galactose
  • D. mannose

47. The IUPAC name for the compound \(ClCH_{2}CH_{2}OH\) is

  • A. 1- chloropropanol
  • B. 2-chloropropanol
  • C. 1-chloroethanol
  • D. 2-chloroethanol

48. The real harmful effect of the release of chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere is that it eventually causes

  • A. excessive ultraviolet light from the sun to reach the earth surface
  • B. excessive release of infrared light from the sun to the earth surface
  • C. corrosive effect of the chemicals on humans and animals
  • D. acidic effect of chemicals on humans

49. eQP9YLl1gA640pJmhDuLM267JHWhE41iazEj9H2z

A primary alkanol has a molecular mass of 60. What is the structural formula of the compound? [C= 12.0, H= 1.0, O= 16.0)

50. Petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy because it

  • A. is formed naturally
  • B. is cheap
  • C. can be recycled after use
  • D. cannot be regenerated once used up

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