Chemistry 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Chemistry past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. Which of the following statements about endothermic reaction is correct?

  • A. Activation energy is high
  • B. A catalyst is required
  • C. It occurs reversibly
  • D. Heat energy is absorbed

22.  A 0.1\(moldm^{-3}\) solution of sodium hydroxide was diluted with distilled water to 0.001\(moldm^{-3}\). What is the dilution factor?

  • A. 1000.00
  • B. 100.00
  • C. 10.00
  • D. 0.01

23. Graphite and Diamond are similar in that they

  • A. have octahedral shape
  • B. have same density
  • C. form carbon(IV) oxide on combustion
  • D. conduct electricity

24. In a saturated solution at a given temperature, the undissolved solutes are in equilibrium with

  • A. the solvent
  • B. dissolved solute particles
  • C. the saturated solution
  • D. insoluble solute particles

25.  The number of atoms present in 2.5moles of a triatomic gas is equivalent to   [1mole = \(6.02\times 10^{23}\)]

  • A. \(2.5\times 10^{23}\)
  • B. \(1.5\times 10^{23}\)
  • C. \(1.5\times 10^{24}\)
  • D. \(2.5\times 10^{24}\)

26. When Magnesium reacts with oxygen, heat is

  • A. alkalis
  • B. acids
  • C. bases
  • D. salts

27Which of the following gases is not acidic?

  • A. \(SO_{3}\)
  • B. \(NO_{2}\)
  • C. \(Co_{2}\)
  • D. CO

28. A hydrocarbon contained 14.3% hydrogen. The empirical formula for the hydrocarbon is   [H= 1.0, C= 12.0]

  • A. \(CH\)
  • B. \(CH_{2}\)
  • C. \(CH_{3}\)
  • D. \(CH_{4}\)

29. Which of the following statements is NOT a chemical property of an acid?

  • A. Evolution of ammonia when heated with ammonium salts
  • B. Evolution of carbon dioxide gas when added to a trioxocarbonate (IV) salt
  • C. Formation of salt and water with alkalis
  • D. Formation of salt and hydrogen gas with reactive metals

30. Halogens generally react with metals to form

  • A. alkalis
  • B. acids
  • C. bases
  • D. salts

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