Chemistry 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Chemistry past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11. The oxidation number of nitrogen in \(Pb(NO_{3})_{2}\) is

  • A. +2
  • B. +3
  • C. +4
  • D. +5

12. Which of the following arrangements indicates the correct decreasing order of ionization energy of period 3 elements?

  • A. Na, Al, P, Cl
  • B. Cl, P, Al, Na
  • C. Na, P, Cl, Al
  • D. Al, Na, P, Cl

13. Which of the following metals has the strongest metallic bond?

  • A. \(_{13}Al\)
  • B. \(_{19}K\)
  • C. \(_{12}Mg\)
  • D. \(_{11}Na\)

14. Which of the following substances does not have van der Waals’ forces?

  • A. Copper
  • B. Graphite
  • C. Neon
  • D. Iodine crystals

15.  The oxidation number of X in \(XO_{4}^{3+}\) is

  • A. +1
  • B. +3
  • C. +4
  • D. +5

16. The ionization energy is affected by the following factors except

  • A. distance of the outermost electron(s) from the nucleus
  • B. size of the positive nuclear charge
  • C. ability to attract shared electron(s)
  • D. screening effect of the inner electron(s)

17. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • A. Covalent compounds would readily ionize in solution
  • B. Covalent compounds consist of ions
  • C. Hydrogen bond is formed between a metal and a non-metal
  • D. Ionic compounds in solution would conduct electricity

18. The bond angle in tetrahedral molecules such as tetrachloromethane is 

  • A. 180.0°
  • B. 109.5°
  • C. 105.5°
  • D. 90.0°

19. The properties of a good primary standard include the following except

  • A. high molecular mass
  • B. low molecular mass
  • C. high degree of purity
  • D. readily available

20. The use of diamond in abrasives is due to its

  • A. high melting point
  • B. hardness
  • C. octahedral shape
  • D. durability

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