Chemistry 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Chemistry past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

1. Which of the following species determines the chemical properties of an atom?

  • A. Electron
  • B. Neutron
  • C. Nucleus
  • D. Proton

2. The following glasswares are used to measure the volume of liquids EXCEPT

  • A. graduated beaker
  • B. pipette
  • C. test tube
  • D. burette

3. Pauli exclusion principle is related to

  • A. quantity of electrons in the valence shell
  • B. filling the orbitals with lower energy first
  • C. the filling of degenerated orbitals
  • D. quantum numbers of electrons

4. The species with no electron in the 3d-orbital is

  • A. \(Zn^{2+}\)
  • B. \(Sc^{3+}\)
  • C. Cu
  • D. \(Mn\)

5. The seperation of Nitrogen from oxygen using fractional distillation of air is possible because

  • A. nitrogen is less dense than oxygen
  • B. oxygen is more reactive than nitrogen
  • C. of the difference in their boiling points
  • D. they belong to the same period

6. The purity of a solid sample can best be determined by its

  • A. boiling point
  • B. melting point
  • C. conductivity
  • D. solubility

7.  The mass of one mole of \((NH_{4})_{2}CO_{3}\) is   [O=16.0, N=14.0, C=12.0, H=1.0]

  • A. 66.0g
  • B. 76.0g
  • C. 80.0g
  • D. 96.0g

8.  Atomic orbital is

  • A. the circular path through which electrons revolve round the nucleus
  • B. a region around the nucleus where electrons are most likely to be found
  • C. the path around the nucleus through which electrons move
  • D. the path around the nucleus through which protons move

9. The property of elements which increases down a group of the periodic table is

  • A. electronegativity
  • B. electron affinity
  • C. ionic radius
  • D. ionization energy

10. The reason for the decrease in the atomic size of elements across a period is that

  • A. nuclear charge increases while the outermost electrons are drawn closer to the nucleus
  • B. nuclear charge decreases while the outermost electrons are drawn closer to the nucleus
  • C. valence electrons increase across the period while the valence shell remains constant
  • D. nuclear charge decreases while the distance of the valence shell from the nucleus is increasing

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