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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The sub-atomic particles located in the nucleus of an atom are?

    • A. neutron and proton
    • B. proton and electron
    • C. proton and ions
    • D. neutron and electron




The IUPAC nomenclature of the structure is?

  • A. 3-chloro-3-methylbutane
  • B. 2,2,-dichloro-3-methylbutane
  • C. 3-methylchlorobutane
  • D. 2-chloro-2-methylbutane

3. SO2 + O2 → 2SO3

In the reaction above, the most suitable catalyst is?

  • A. chromium(vi)oxide
  • B. iron(iii)oxide
  • C. copper(i)oxide
  • D. vanadium(v)oxide

4.  In the preparation of salts, the method employed will depend on the?

  • A. composition
  • B. dissociating ability
  • C. stability to heat
  • D. precipitating ability

5.  The following non-metal form acidic oxides with oxygen except?

  • A. phosphorus
  • B. sulphur
  • C. carbon
  • D. chlorine

6.  How many neutrons are present in atom with mass number and atomic number 37 and 17 respectively?

  • A. 18
  • B. 20
  • C. 37
  • D. 17

7. The sulphide that is commonly used in coating electric fluorescent tubes is?

  • A. iron(ii)Sulphide
  • B. tin(ii)sulphide
  • C. Zinc Sulphide
  • D. lead(iv) Sulphide

8. An organic compound which liberate carbon(iv)oxide from trioxocarbonate(iv) solution is likely to be?

  • A. C2H5OH
  • B. C3H4
  • C. C6H6
  • D. CH3COOH

9. Addition of sodium chloride to water to form a solution would  lead to?

  • A. increase in freezing point and increase the boiling point
  • B. increase in freezing point and decrease the boiling point
  • C. decrease in freezing point and decrease the boiling point
  • D. decrease in freezing point and increase the boiling point

10. A chemical widely used as a fertilizer is?

  • A. galena
  • B. bauxite
  • C. emerald
  • D. nitrochalk

11. On the basis of the electrochemical series, which of these ions will show the greater tendency to be discharged at the cathode in an electrolytic cell

  • A. cu2+
  • B. sn2+
  • C. fe2+
  • D. zn2+

12. Addition of charcoal to the filter bed of sand during water treatment for township supply is to?

  • A. prevent goiter
  • B. prevent tooth decay
  • C. remove odour
  • D. kill germs

13. Using the metal activity series, the metal that can liberate hydrogen gas from steam is?

  • A. iron
  • B. copper
  • C. tin
  • D. lead

14.  An organic compound with fishy smell is likely to have a general formula?

  • A. RCONHR1
  • A. RCONH2
  • C. RNH2
  • D. RCOR1

15.  N2O4 ⇔ 2NO2          (Δ = -ve)

From the reaction above, which of these conditions would produce the highest equilibrium yield for N2O4?

  • A. Low temperature and high pressure
  • B. Low temperature and low pressure
  • C. high temperature and low pressure
  • D. high temperature and high pressure
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