Chemistry 2021 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Chemistry past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16.  Which of the following is a form of ‘calcium carbonate?

I. limestone
II. marble
III. chalk
Iv. egg-shells

  • A. I only
  • B. I, II and IV
  • C. I and II only
  • D. I, II, III, and IV

17. Soaps clean surfaces on the principle based on?

  • A. viscosity
  • B. floatation
  • C. elasticity
  • D. surface tension

18. The reactivity of fluorine is due to?

  • A. its high electro negativity
  • B. small size of fluorine atom
  • C. availability of D-orbitals
  • D. strong f-f bond

19. The mass number of a nucleus is?

  • A. Always less than its atomic number
  • B. The sum of the number of protons and neutrons present in the nucleus
  • C. Always more than the atomic weight
  • D. A fraction

20. The mass of one Avogadro number of helium atoms is?

  • A. 1.00gram
  • B. 4.00gram
  • C. 8.00gram
  • D. 6.00gram

21.  220g of carbon dioxide contains —– moles

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

22. The inherited traits of an organism are controlled by?

  • A. RNA molecules
  • B. Nucleotides
  • C. DNA molecules
  • D. Enzymes

23. The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is?

  • A. He
  • B. Ne
  • C. Ar
  • D. Xe

24. The heat required to raise the temperature of the body by 1k is called?

  • A. Specific heat
  • B. Thermal capacity
  • C. Water equivalent
  • D. None of the above

25. The nucleus of a hydrogen neutron atom consists of a?

  • A. 1 proton only
  • B. 1 proton, 2 neutron
  • C. 1 neutron only
  • D. 1 electron only

26.  The metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulphate is?

  • A. Na
  • B. Ag
  • C. Hg
  • D. Fe

27. The nucleus of an atom consists of?

  • A. Electrons and neutrons
  • B. Electrons and protons
  • C. Protons and neutrons
  • D. None of the above

28. A solution contains 20g of solute in 180g of solvent. If the solvent is water, what is the concentration of the solution in terms of mass by mass percentage

  • A. 11.%
  • B. 22.2%
  • C. 10%
  • D. 20%

29. The only metal that is anti-bacterial is?

  • A. Iron
  • B. Sodium
  • C. Alluminium
  • D. Copper

30. An element having the atomic number 17 will resemble which of the following elements having atomic number as given below?

  • A. 33
  • B. 35
  • C. 18
  • D. 19

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