Biology 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  and NECO . Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. Which of the following types of placentation is not common amongst syncarpous pistils?

  • A. Marginal
  • B. Axile
  • C. Parietal
  • D. Free central

22. The complex energy-rich organic matter which living organisms need for life is

  • A. water
  • B. air
  • C. food
  • D. mineral salts

23. Which of the following processes are associated with photosynthesis? I. Energy from sunlight is absorbed   II. Carbon dioxide is evolved   III. Oxygen is given off   IV. Glucose is synthesized

  • A. I and II only
  • B. I, II and IV only
  • C. I, III and IV only
  • D. I, II, III and IV

24. Which of the following function is associated with calcium in plants? Formation of

  • A. cell wall
  • B. ribosomes
  • C. proteins
  • D. cell membrane

25biology past question

The diagram above shows the dentition of an organism. What organism is this?

  • A. rabbit
  • B. cat
  • C. frog
  • D. man


The diagrams below show the dentition of an organism. The function of the teeth labelled X is for

biology past question


  • A. biting and grasping
  • B. chewing and grinding
  • C. tearing and grasping
  • D. chewing and tearing


biology past question

The teeth which are absent in the young of the organism whose dentition is shown above is labelled

  • A. W
  • B. X
  • C. Y
  • D. Z

28. The number of individuals that the environment can support over a long period of time is its

  • A. growth rate
  • B. total capacity
  • C. population capacity
  • D. carrying capacity

29. A good site for secondary succession would be

  • A. a sand dune
  • B. a bare rock
  • C. a land that has just had forest fire
  • D. a stretch of barren land

30 A population which exceeds its carrying capacity and then collapses is represented graphically by a

  • A. bell-shaped curve
  • B. linear curve
  • C. sigmoid curve
  • D. skewed curve
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