Biology 2018 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. The source of energy required by plants during food production is

  • A. Photosynthesis
  • B. Chlorophyll
  • C. Sunlight
  • D. Microorganisms

22. One major difference between plant and animals nutrition is the ability of plants to synthesize

  • A. Food for plants and animals
  • B. Water for plants
  • C. Water for animals
  • D. Food for plants only


By what process is starch converted into maltose?

  • A. Hydrolysis
  • B. Condensation
  • C. Translocation
  • D. Photosynthesis

24. The ascent of water in tall trees is mainly due to 

  • A. adhesive forces
  • B. transpiration pull
  • C. root pressure
  • D. cohesive forces

25. The duodenum of a person was surgically removed. Which of the following substances would have their digestion affected?

  • A. starch and protein only
  • B. starch and lipids
  • C. starch, peptones and maltose
  • D. starch, protein and lipids


Which of the following dental formulae represents the dentition in rabbits?

  • A. I 2/1 C 0/0 P 3/2 M 3/3
  • B. I 2/2 C 1/1 P 2/2 M 3/2
  • C. I 1/2 C 0/0 P 2/3 M 3/3
  • D. I 2/1 C 0/01 P 3/2 M 3/3

27. The diagram above is an illustration of an experimental set-up to demonstrate a property of soil. The property of soil demonstrated is

  • A. particle size
  • B. capillarity
  • C. colour
  • D. texture

28. Which of the following statements would be a correct observation at the end of the experiment? Water moves

  • A. highest in sandy soil
  • B. lowest in loamy soil
  • C. to the same level in all soil types
  • D. highest in clayey soil

29.  The most important factor(s) that influence(s) the ecological niche of an organism is/ are the

  • A. water, light and predator-prey relationship
  • B. food and water availability
  • C. physical environment
  • D. competition for food and space

30. biology past question

The diagram above is an illustration of organisms in an air-tight aquarium.The most important factor needed by the organisms is

  • A. light energy
  • B. low humidity
  • C. oxygen
  • D. nitrate
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