Biology 2017 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

1. The matured sex cell which takes part in sexual reproduction is referred to as

  • A. gamete
  • B. fetus
  • C. embryo
  • D. zygote

 2. The biome that is characterized with large herbivores, few and scattered fire resistant trees is

  • A. savanna
  • B. tropical rain forest
  • C. montane forest
  • D. desert

3. Red blood cells are also known as _________?

  • A. erythrocytes
  • B. thrombocytes
  • C. phagocytes
  • D. leucocytes

4. The joint between the femur and tibia is known as ________?

  • A. hinge joint
  • B. ball-and-socket joint
  • C. pivot joint
  • D. gliding joint

5. What is the primary function of cofactors?

  • A. To aid in enzyme function
  • B. To synthesize enzymes
  • C. To inhibit enzymes
  • D. To break down old enzymes

6.       biology past question

Use the diagram above to answer the question that follow:
The diagram represents a

  • A. hygrometer
  • B. Wind vane
  • C. Anemometer
  • D. rain gauge

7. Coloration of the eye is ______ variation

  • A. physiological
  • B. morphological
  • C. adaptive
  • D. recessive

8. Which of the following choices correctly describes the composition of the cell membrane?

  • A. contains only lipids
  • B. contains lipids and protein
  • C. contains lipids and cytosol
  • D. contains only proteins

9. The feeding relationship among a set of members of a community is referred to as _______?

  • A. a food web
  • B. pyramid of energy
  • C. a food chain
  • D. pyramid of member

10. Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere when ________

  • A. plants absorbs mineral salt
  • B. sugar is completely broken down
  • C. through plant uptake
  • D. when lightning strike
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