Biology 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. A population is best described as

  • A. A group of the same species of organisms living together
  • B. A group of animals and plants living together
  • C. A group of insects and grasses
  • D. Different species of wild animals

 22. The number of times an organism occurs within a given area of a habitat is referred to as

  • A. Population growth rate
  • B. Population frequency
  • C. Population growth rate
  • D. Population density

23. Reading the verdict of a case by a magistrate is an example of

  • A. A reflex action
  • B. An instinct
  • C. A conditioned reflex
  • D. A voluntary action

24. Which of the following structures controls the activities of the living cell?

  • A. Nucleus
  • B. Centrosome
  • C. Mitochondrion
  • D. Golgi body

25. Which of the following are components of glomerular filtrate?

  • A. All the components of blood except mineral salts
  • B. Water and salt only
  • C. All the components of blood except plasma protein and cells
  • D. Blood cells, amino acid, salts and nitrogenous wastes

26. The sum total of adaptive changes from pre-existing form that have taken place over a long time resulting in diversity of forms, structures and functions among organism is referred to as

  • A. Specification
  • B. Inorganic Evolution
  • C. Evolution
  • D. Organic Evolution

27.  The specific portion of a habitat which is occupied by a particular species is referred to as

  • A. Ecological population
  • B. Ecological niche
  • C. Biotic community
  • D. Ecosystem

28. In plants, respiration occurs in

  • A. The stomata and lenticel only
  • B. Mesophyll cells only
  • C. All living cells
  • D. The root only

29. Which of the following is an example of discontinous variation?

  • A. The range in height of a pea plant from 30cm to 50cm
  • B. Offsprings including two male cats and three female cats
  • C. The colour of pear plants grown in the dark
  • D. The adult body weight ranging from 50kg to 95kg

30. Which of the following type of soil has the highest water retaining capacity?

  • A. Loam
  • B. Laterite
  • C. Clay
  • D. Sand
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