Biology 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. Which of the following is a behavioural adaptation that protects prey from predators?

    • A. Hibernation
    • B. Shedding of leaves
    • C. Secreting irritating fluid
    • D. Dormancy

 2.The period of inactivity seen in some animals during long period of heat or drought is

  • A. Migration
  • B. Aestivation
  • C. Hibernation
  • D. Adaptation

3. The insect trapping movements of the leaves of the venus fly trap is a behavioural adaptation for

  • A. support
  • B. surviving adverse weather conditions
  • C. obtaining food
  • D. dormancy

4. Animals are said to gregarious when

  • A. they survive adverse conditions of cold weather
  • B. they transmit information from one individual to another
  • C. they are of the same species moving together in a group
  • D. they give an alarm to alert others to show the normal protective behaviour of the group when danger threatens

5. The type of nutrition shown by spirogyra is

  • A. Symbiosis
  • B. Holozoic
  • C. Chemosynthetic
  • D. Holophytic

6. Raw materials required by green plants to manufacture their food are

  • A. mainly fluids
  • B. inorganic substances
  • C. living materials
  • D. mainly gases

7.  Which of the following pairs of organisms are photosynthetic?

  • A. Amoeba and paramecium
  • B. Euglena and chlamydomonas
  • C. Volvox and Rhizopus
  • D. Nostoc and plasmodium

8. The type of nutrition in which two organisms of different species live together and derive nutrients from each other is

  • A. symbiotic nutrition
  • B. saprophytic nutrition
  • C. holozoic nutrition
  • D. holophytic nutrition

9. Which of the following statement about the similarities in plant and animal transport is correct?

  • A. Materials and hormones are transported in fluid form
  • B. The transport medium is made up of only tissues
  • C. Their materials are transported in the same vessels
  • D. Diffusion is not required

10. Which of the following describes the function of lymph

  • A. Temperature regulation
  • B. Production of antibodies
  • C. Engulfing
  • D. Body defence
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