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Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. One of the functions of the xylem is
  • A. strengthening the stem
  • B. manufacturing food
  • C. reducing loss of water
  • D. conducting manufactured food

 2. Which of the statements below is not characteristic of wind-pollinated flowers?

  • A. Stigmas are usually large and feathery
  • B. Nectary is usually absent
  • C. The pollen grains have rough spiny surfaces
  • D. The flowers are not scented.

3. Some of the features of an animal are scales, teeth, nares, and backbone. The animal is likely to be a 

  • A. toad
  • B. bird
  • C. lizard
  • D. rat

4. Choose the sequence which represents the correct order of organisms in a food chain

  • A. Grass, snake, toad, grasshopper, hawk
  • B. Grass, grasshopper, toad, snake, hawk
  • C. Grass, grasshopper, snake, toad, hawk.
  • D. Grass, snake, grasshopper, toad, hawk

5.  Flatworms and roundworms are said to be invertebrates because

  • A. they are small animals
  • B. they can live inside the vertebrates
  • C. some of them are unicellular
  • D. they have no backbones

6. When a Spirogyra cell is immersed in a salt solution more concentrated than its cell sap, it

  • A. remains unchanged
  • B. takes tip water and burst
  • C. absorbs a little water
  • D. loses water and shrivels

7.  Which of the following is NOT regarded as a pollutant on land or in the air?

  • A. Smoke
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Noise
  • D. Sulphur dioxide

8.  The initial volume of water poured into a bag of dry soil was 50ml and the amount that drained through was 35mI. The percentage water content of the fully soaked soil is therefore

  • A. 46.7
  • B. 25.0
  • C. 20.0
  • D. 30.0

9. When the original king and queen of termites die, they are replaced by 

  • A. the king and queen of another colony
  • B. some adult reproductives from the same colony
  • C. some adult workers which are specially fed to breed
  • D. developing nymphs nurtured as secondary reproductive

10.  In demonstrating the importance of mineral elements in plants, the culture bottle must be darkened to

  • A. prevent algal growth in culture solution
  • B. allow root growth
  • C. prevent breakdown of mineral elements
  • D. prevents photosynthesis in the root

11. In the mammalian respiratory system. exchange of gases occurs in the

  • A. lungs
  • B. bronchi
  • C. bronchioles
  • D. alveoli

12. Aged erythrocytes are destroyed in the

  • A. pancreas
  • B. liver
  • C. lymph nodes
  • D. kidney

13. The villus in the small intestine is significant because it

  • A. increases the surface area for absorption
  • B. assists in filtering undigested food
  • C. increases the surface area for digestion
  • D. assists in mixing digested food

14. Which of the following food substances will produce a brick-red colour when warmed with Benedict’s solution?

  • A. Glucose
  • B. Starch
  • C. Egg White
  • D. Maltose

15. The blood vessel which carries blood from the alimentary canal to the liver is the?

  • A. hepatic artery
  • B. mesenteric artery
  • C. hepatic vein
  • D. hepatic portal vein
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