Biology 2021 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. Rabbits cannot survive in an aquatic habitat because they have 

  • A. no scales
  • B. no gills
  • C. fore limbs
  • D. lateral line

32.  The illustration below is a food chain.

Grass→grasshopper→domestic fowl→hawk

What would happen if the population of domestic fowl decreases?

  • A. grasshoppers would decrease
  • B. hawks would increase
  • C. grasshoppers would increase

D. grasses available to grasshoppers

33. Which of the following features is a characteristic of aquatic plants possession of ?

  • A. multiple epidermis
  • B. heavily lignified tissue
  • C. finely divided leaves
  • D. succulent stem

34.  An association between living organisms in which one organism lives on and feeds at the expense of the other organism is known as?

  • A. mutualism
  • B. commensalism
  • C. parasitism
  • D. predation

35.  When a large number of organisms share limited resources, the result is?

  • A. mutualism
  • B. extinction
  • C. commensalism
  • D. competition

Biology 2021 WAEC Past Question

36.  Which of the following behaviours is correctly matched with the corresponding diseases?

  • A. Smoking cigarette / Liver cirrhosis. Lung cancer, AIDS
  • B. Having multiple sexual partners / liver cirrhosis, syphilis, AIDS.
  • C. Living near dirty gutter / Lung cancer, syphilis, river blindness.
  • D. Eating uncooked meat/dysentery, cholera, food poisoning.

37. Endangered species are organisms that are?

  • A. likely to migrate to other favourable lands
  • B. likely to disappear from the surface of the earth
  • C. reproducing profusely in an area
  • D. dangerous to humans and attacking other animals

38. Which of the following practices is a wildlife conservation method?

  • A. use of cover crops
  • B. crop rotation
  • C. mulching
  • D. discouraging poaching

39.  Which of the following resources cannot be conserved?

  • A. forest
  • B. water
  • C. soil
  • D. garbage

40.  Biology 2021 WAEC Past Question

The diagrams above are illustrations of types of comb found in domestic fowl. Study them and answer this question.

The types of comb show ?

  • A. variation
  • B. inheritance
  • C. cell theory
  • D. courtship behaviour

41.  The diagrams above are illustrations of types of comb found in domestic fowl. Study them and answer this question.

Which factor is most likely responsible for the various types of comb?

  • A. environment
  • B. genetics
  • C. physiology
  • D. morphology

42.  Which of the following statements about mitosis is not correct?

  • A. chiasmata are not formed
  • B. Bi-valents are not formed
  • C. It does not lead to variation

D. Four daughter cells are produced

43.  A mixture of blood with antigen A and blood containing antibody a will?

  • A. lead to agglutination
  • B. facilitate dissolution of clot
  • C. have no effect on blood composition
  • D. change the blood group

44.  Plants suitable for experiments in genetics must not 

  • A. produce numerous seeds within a short time
  • B. have a small number of chromosomes
  • C. have a relatively short life cycle
  • D. produce one generation in a large period

45. Which of the following statements about sickle cell anaemia is correct?

  • A. it is caused by sex-linked genes
  • B. it is more common in males than in females
  • C. two sickle cell carrier parents may have a sickling child
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