Biology 2020 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The hormone which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood is called?
  • A. Adrenalin
  • B. Auxin
  • C. Insulin
  • D. Thyroxine

 2. Deamination occurs in the?

  • A. Kidney
  • B. Pancreas
  • C. Spleen
  • D. Liver

3.  In an agricultural ecosystem, the biotic component consist of

  • A. crops, pests and beneficial insects
  • B. crops, temperature and humidity
  • C. pests, beneficial insects and water
  • D. crops, water and soil

4. Epiphytes growing on the branches of trees provide an example of the relationship known as?

  • A. parasitism
  • B. commensalism
  • C. saprophytism
  • D. holophytism

5. The hypha of rhizopus is said to be non-septate because it

  • A. does not contain chloropyll
  • B. has no cross wall
  • C. is vacuoled
  • D. stores oil globus

6. The function of ribosome in cells is

  • A. protein synthesis
  • B. starch synthesis
  • C. transport of material
  • D. lipid storage

7. In which of the following does external fertilization take place?

  • A. toad
  • B. lizard
  • C. bird
  • D. cockroach

8. The villus in the small intestine is significant because

  • A. Increases the surface area for absorption
  • B. increases the surface area for digestion
  • C. assists in mixing digested food
  • D. assists in filtering undigested food

9.  The butterfly is of great economic importance because

  • A. of it’s use in scientific studies
  • B. it sucks nectar from flowers
  • C. it adds to the beauty of the environment
  • D. it pollinates flowers of crops and other plants

10.  The bright colours of the comb and feathers in the peacock are for?

  • A. sex differentiation
  • B. beauty
  • C. courtship
  • D. defence

11. What is the term used to describe biotic and abiotic factors in the environment of the organism?

  • A. habitat
  • B. biome
  • C. ecosystem
  • D. ecological niche

12. Which of the following instruments is NOT used in measuring abiotic factors in any habitat?

  • A. microscope
  • B. thermometer
  • C. hygrometer
  • D. windvane

13. The smallest living organism which share the characteristics of both living and non-living matter are

  • A. bacteria
  • B. fungi
  • C. viruses
  • D. protozoa

14. The process by which a red blood cell placed in distilled water absorbs water until it burst and release it’s content into the surrounding is known as

  • A. osmosis
  • B. plasmolysis
  • C. turgidity
  • D. hemolysis

15.  Which of the following waste products in plants is excreted through the stomata and lenticles?

  • A. carbon dioxide
  • B. alkaloids
  • C. tannins
  • D. anthocyanins
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