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Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and ICAN. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. The complex relationship between the members of a community and their physical environment is known as________

  • A. commensalism
  • B. symbiosis
  • C. saprophytism
  • D. ecology

32. The specific role of a species within its environment is known as its_________

  • A. habitat
  • B. niche
  • C. trophic level
  • D. biotic community

33. Which of the following soil fertility improvement methods will have the most negative effect on the ecosystem if not controlled?

  • A. Application of N-P-K fertilizer
  • B. Shifting cultivation
  • C. Mixed farming
  • D. Crop rotation

34. Organisms in an ecosystem are usually grouped according to their trophic level into__________

  • A. carnivores and omnivores,
  • B. consumers and parasites
  • C. producers, and saprophytes
  • D. Producers and consumers

35. Q

In the pyramid of energy illustrated above, the organism with the least amount of transferred energy is___________

  • A. Spirogyra
  • B. Tadpole
  • C. Fish
  • D. Bird

36. Tall trees with unbranched trunks which grow above the upper storey of the forest are commonly referred to as _____

  • A. Emergents
  • B. Herbs
  • C. Lianes
  • D. Shrubs

37. Maize grains are best stored against insect attacks by__________________

  • A. keeping in a silo
  • B. storing in the room
  • C. leaving them on their cobs
  • D. covering with leaves

38. Cholera is mostly spread by_______

  • A. air
  • B. soil
  • C. water
  • D. noise

39. Which of the following resources is renewable?

  • A. Petroleum
  • B. Coal
  • C. Iron
  • D. Trees

40. Which of the following roles is not performed by a government agency responsible for forest maintenance?

  • A. Regulating the harvest of timber and poaching
  • B. Creating, protecting and managing the forest reserves
  • C. Tracking the movement of timber, wood, and wildlife
  • D. Regulating mining activities in the forest

41.  Which of the following factors is not a source of variation in living organisms?

  • A. Environment
  • B. Inheritance
  • C. Mitosis
  • D. Meiosis

42.  Individuals with blood group AB can donate blood to individuals with blood group(s)___________

  • A. A and B
  • B. A and O
  • C. AB only
  • D. O only

43.  N

The diagram above is an illustration of a process occurring in a living animal cell. Study it and answer this question

The process occurs in the _______

  • A. Nucleus
  • B. Mitochondrion
  • C. Golgi body
  • D. Cytoplasm

44. The process is called_______

  • A. replication
  • B. cell maturation
  • C. crossing over
  • D. mutation

45.  Which of the following nucleotides is not found in the DNA molecules?

  • A. Adenine
  • B. Cytosine
  • C. Guanine
  • D. Uracil

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