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Google Classroom A free Online Platform for Teachers and Students

The cheapest form of online teaching for teachers and students in my own opinion is Google Classroom, and It is recommended to all academic institution. Now, What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students”

“Google Classroom makes teaching more productive and meaningful by streamlining assignments, boosting collaboration, and fostering communication. Educators can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Classroom also seamlessly integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Drive.”

Eligibility According to Google Classroom:

Classroom is available to:

  • Schools using G Suite for Education
  • Organizations using G Suite for Nonprofits
  • Individuals over 13 years of age with personal Google Accounts. Age may vary by country.
  • All G Suite domains
google classroom

Benefits of Google Classroom

Google classroom an online platform has priceless benefits for Teachers and Students, see benefits copy from Google classroom website:

Add students easily—Students can join a class with a code, giving you more time to teach.

Manage multiple classes—Reuse existing announcements, assignments, or questions from another class. Share posts across multiple classes, and archive classes for future reference.

Teach together—Co-teach a course with up to 20 other instructors.

Enrich assignments—Add materials to your assignments, such as YouTube videos, a Google Forms survey, PDFs, and other items from Google Drive. Teachers and students can highlight, notate, and draw on documents and PDFs in the Classroom mobile app.

One-click worksheets—Attach a worksheet to an assignment and create a copy for each student with a click.

Customize assignments—Add grade categories, due dates, point values, and topics to the assignments you create.

Individual assignments—Teachers can post work and announcements to individual students in a class.

Prepare in advance—Draft announcements, assignments, and questions, or schedule them to post at a certain time.

Quick exit-tickets and polling—Post a question to students, then view results within Classroom.

Customize your class graphics—Change the default color or theme for your class.

Keep resources in one place—Create a topic for key resources, so students can always access materials, such as a sign-up sheet for office hours, a class syllabus, or an online text.

Keep students organized—Classroom creates a Google Calendar for each class and updates the calendar with work and due dates. Students can also view upcoming work with a click.

Keep teachers organized—Review student work, including assignments, questions, grades, and previous comments. View work by one or all classes, and sort by what needs reviewing.

Keep classes organized—Teachers can organize the Classwork page by creating topics that can be easily reordered.

Customize grading—Choose a grading system, create grade categories, and see all your grading for a class on the Grades page.

Grade quickly and easily—Sort students, see who’s turned in work, add feedback, draft grades to share later, or return graded work to all students with a click. Plus, add annotations and visual feedback to student work in the Classroom mobile app.

Transfer grades—Export final grades to Google Sheets or to a CSV file for upload elsewhere. You can also push grades directly from Classroom to your student information system (SIS) if you participate in the beta program.

Integrate other favorite teaching tools—Sync your existing Classroom classes with partner applications

Communication and Collaboration are perfect; See below:

Access anytime, anywhere—Access Classroom 24/7 on the web or via the Android and iOS Classroom mobile apps.

Real-time feedback—View, comment, and edit student work in real time in the Docs grading tool. Annotate student work in the Classroom mobile app.

Create class discussions—On the Stream page, post announcements, engage students in question-driven discussions, encourage them to reply to classmates, and move important topics to the top.

Manage class discussions—Control who can post to the Stream page, and mute individual students from posting or commenting.

Share content—Share links, videos, and images from websites to Classroom with one click in the Share to Classroom extension.

Push content to students’ screens—Push websites instantly to a class with the Share to Classroom extension. Students can also share their screen with their teacher.

Communicate with guardians—Teachers in any G Suite domain can invite parents and guardians to sign up for email summaries that include a student’s upcoming or missing work.


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