How to Use Paraphrasing in Research Project Report

How to Use Paraphrasing in Research Project Report without plagiarizing is the best option for avoiding copying verbatim from the main source.

According to Grammarly, A paraphrase (or paraphrasing) is a restatement of another piece of writing with new words or phrases while keeping the same meaning, usually to modify the language or simply avoid plagiarism. For example, Shakespeare’s famous line, “To be or not to be,” could be paraphrased as, “Is it better to exist or not exist at all?” 

“Paraphrasing is an important communication technique, especially in research papers, to avoid copying an original source verbatim. However, learning how to paraphrase can take some practice, so below we explain what you need to know, starting with a simple paraphrase definition.”

Also, Paraphrasing is the process of taking an original passage and expressing the same concept with alternative words or phrases. A paraphrase essentially rewrites the original material in its own style. 

How to Use Paraphrasing in Research Project Report

How to Use Paraphrasing in Research Project Report with Examples

Replace key words in an original section with synonyms, such as “scientist” for “researcher” or “seniors” for “the elderly.” This is a frequent method of paraphrasing, however it isn’t sufficient in and of itself. To make your writing appear new, combine this method with some of the ones listed below. Example

Original sentence

Some plants release certain aromas to alert their plant neighbors that they’re under attack. 


Some vegetation emits special scents to warn other plants that there’s danger nearby. 


Remove any parts of a quote that are not related to what you’re writing about and rephrase the rest in your own words. Similarly, you can personalize an old quotation by adding your own spin to it to assist contextualize or adapt it to your theme. In either case, make sure to rewrite everything that originates from the original source. Example:

Original sentence: 

Human eyes get used to darkness after an hour, but by then they’ll be 100,000 times more sensitive to light.


If you sit in a dark room, your eyes will eventually adjust and become 100,000 times more sensitive to light—but be careful when you turn on the light again!


You can sometimes alter the parts of text in a sentence, such as converting a preposition to the operative verb or transforming an adjective to an adverb. Because this method is dependent on the original passage’s wording, you may not always have the opportunity to use it; we also recommend combining it with other strategies here for more creative writing. Example:

Original sentence

Polar bears are almost undetectable by infrared cameras because of how they conserve heat.


Polar bears cannot be detected easily by infrared cameras due to their unique heat conservation. 


TO AVOID PLAGIARISM: To make fresh new sentences, change the sequence of particular phrases and clauses, or mix and match them from existing sentences. Although it may be tempting to employ the passive voice when paraphrasing, do so only when absolutely necessary.

TO AVOID OVERUSING QUOTES: When the author says it best themselves, quotations are fantastic, but when you use too many, you’re effectively copying someone else’s work. To make a piece of writing your own, vary between paraphrase and direct quotes if you’re frequently referring other people’s work.

IMPROVED CHOICE OF WORD: Occasionally may still want to recreate the original content in your own words—perhaps to match your own writing style, or simply because you prefer your own word choices. In any event, paraphrasing allows you to use your own words or phrases while keeping the message’s fundamental message intact.


The paraphrasing tools I preferred are from Grammarly and QuillBot.

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