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HND in Tech Gets a Specialized Boost in Nigeria

Higher National Diploma HND in Tech Gets a Specialized Boost in Nigeria. HND Computer Science unbundled by NBTE.

Get ready, tech enthusiasts! The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has announced a game-changing revamp of the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computer Science. This exciting move aims to equip graduates with deeper expertise in specific areas of the ever-evolving tech landscape, ultimately enhancing their employability and boosting Nigeria’s tech scene.

HND in Tech Gets a Specialized Boost in Nigeria

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach! The traditional HND Computer Science program is being unbundled into four distinct specializations, each focusing on a high-demand tech niche:

  • HND Artificial Intelligence (AI): Dive into the fascinating world of machines that learn and think, building intelligent systems that revolutionize various industries. Imagine developing chatbots that understand your needs, or medical algorithms that diagnose diseases with superhuman accuracy. The possibilities are endless!
  • HND Networking and Cloud Computing: Master the intricate dance of data flowing through networks and the cloud. Design secure and efficient communication channels, build robust cloud infrastructure, and ensure seamless connectivity for businesses and individuals alike.
  • HND Software and Web Development: Craft the digital experiences that shape our lives! From sleek mobile apps to dynamic websites, this specialization equips you with the skills to build user-centric software solutions that solve real-world problems.
  • HND Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Become a guardian of the digital world! This specialization focuses on securing sensitive information and defending against cyber threats. Learn cutting-edge techniques to protect networks, data, and critical infrastructure from malicious actors.

Benefits abound! This specialization not only caters to individual career aspirations but also aligns with Nigeria’s growing tech ambitions. Here’s why this move is a win-win:

  • Enhanced graduate employability: With specialized skills in high-demand areas, graduates will be well-positioned to secure rewarding jobs in the booming tech sector.
  • Boosted competitiveness for Nigerian businesses: A readily available pool of skilled tech professionals will empower Nigerian businesses to compete effectively in the global market.
  • A tech-savvy future for Nigeria: By nurturing specialized talent, the country can contribute meaningfully to the global tech revolution and drive innovation across various sectors.

So, when can you embark on this specialized tech journey? The new programs are expected to be launched in the 2024/2025 academic session. Current HND Computer Science students can rest assured, as they’ll be able to complete their studies under the existing curriculum.

This unbundling marks a significant step forward for Nigerian tech education. By embracing specialization, the NBTE is preparing the next generation of tech wizards to shape a brighter digital future for the nation. So, are you ready to specialize and be part of this exciting evolution? Get ready to dive into the world of cutting-edge tech and make your mark!

Remember, the future is digital, and Nigeria is gearing up to be a major player. With these specialized HND programs, the possibilities are limitless!

Additional Information:

  • For more details on the specific curriculum and entry requirements for each program, consult the NBTE website or contact your preferred institution offering the HND programs.
  • Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from the NBTE regarding the rollout of the new specialized programs.

We hope this post provides a clear and informative overview of the HND specialization initiative. We believe this is a positive development for Nigerian tech education and are excited to see its impact on the future of the industry.

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How to Apply for the Lagos State Teachers’ Merit Award 2021

How to Apply for the Lagos State Teachers Merit Award 2021

The Lagos State Ministry of Education has announced Lagos State Teachers’ Merit Award 2021 according to the information gathered from the ministry’s twitter handler.

Click this link for more information


How to Apply for the Lagos State Teachers' Merit Award 2021
How to Apply for the Lagos State Teachers’ Merit Award 2021

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FBN Partners with IBM to Provide e-Learning Platforms

First Bank of Nigeria FBN Partners with IBM to Provide e-Learning Platforms solution to Nigeria student in a move to drive one million Nigeria students into e-Learning platform available on both online and offline for the purpose of easy access for learning from pre-primary school to tertiary institution.

FBN Partners with IBM to Provide e-Learning Platforms

FBN Partners with IBM to Provide e-Learning Platforms

According to the FBN website, there are three broad e-Learning platforms with distinct features and curriculum and modules for students and professional skills for youths. these are:

FBN Partners with IBM to Provide e-Learning Platforms

If you need more questions or information visit FirstBank e-Learning FAQs

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ACCA Announced September 2020 Exam Pass Rate

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA Announced September 2020 Exam Pass Rate according to the information gathered from the institute website.

Despite the pandemic that disrupt global activities, ACCA were able to conduct more than 132,000 exams across the world. ACCA applied remote invigilation where local regulations did not permit in-centre exams, to ease many students continue their ACCA exam journey.

ACCA Announced September 2020 Exam Pass Rate

Alan Hatfield, ACCA executive director – strategy and development says: ‘We understand how important it is for future members to progress on their journey with ACCA to become professional accountants, and so we’ve been working hard over recent months to ensure exams can be taken during these challenging Covid-19 times. It is especially pleasing that by offering exams with remote invigilation, 313 students have become affiliates this session who would otherwise have had to wait until December, or possibly 2021 to sit their final exams.

‘We’ve been listening to feedback, acting on it and are now preparing for the December exams. ACCA is committed to the health and safety of our future members, and we are working hard to ensure the end of year sittings can be taken despite challenges of potential city lockdowns across the globe.’

ACCA Announced September 2020 Exam Pass Rate

Exam results

The ACCA Qualification rigorously tests the skills, abilities and competencies that a modern-day accountant needs, with a firm grounding in ethics and professionalism. It prepares students for a rewarding career as a qualified and ethical finance professional. Results below also include those delivered via our on-demand offering for Foundation Diplomas, Applied Knowledge and Law exams. These accounted for a further 48,994 exams, of which 12% were made possible through remote invigilation…ACCA

ACCA QualificationPass rate (%)
Applied Knowledge 
AB – Accountant in Business86
FA – Financial Accounting77
MA – Management Accounting72
Applied Skills 
LW – Corporate and Business Law88
TX – Taxation49
FR – Financial Reporting50
PM – Performance Management39
FM – Financial Management52
AA – Audit and Assurance41
Strategic Professional – Essentials 
SBL – Strategic Business Leader51
SBR – Strategic Business Reporting49
Strategic Professional – Options 
AAA – Advanced Audit and Assurance33
AFM – Advanced Financial Management37
APM – Advanced Performance Management33
ATX – Advanced Taxation38
ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 2 RQF)
FA1 – Recording Financial transactions86
MA1 – Management Information90
ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 3 RQF) 
FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records83
MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance77
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (Level 4 RQF) 
FAB – Accountant in Business78
FFA – Financial Accounting72
FMA – Management Accounting74
Foundation Specialist Certificates (RQF Level 4) 
FAU Foundations in Audit41
FTX Foundations in Taxation59
FFM Foundations in Financial Management 63
Source: ACCA News


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Federal University Gashua 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE Screening Exercise

Federal University Gashua 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE Screening Exercise is currently ongoing according to the information got from the university website, also procedures and requirement regards the screening exercise is stated below. 

This is for the information of all Candidates who applied for admission into degree programmes of the Federal University, Gashua for the 2020/2021 Academic session.


UTME candidates who have scored 160 and above; and

Direct Entry: Candidates who have chosen Federal University Gashua as First Choice with Distinction, Credit or merit in NCE, IJMB (6 points & above), Upper Credit in Ordinary National Diploma (OND) are eligible for the online screening.

Federal University Gashua 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE

That there will be online screening for admission. Candidates should visit the Federal University, Gashua website: and register for the online screening exercise. Candidates are to pay the sum of Two Thousand Naira (2000) only for the registration excluding bank charges. The portal will be opened on 12th October, and to be closed on 14th November, 2020.

Federal University Gashua 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE

To register, Candidates must proceed as follows;

  1. CLICK on “New Applicant” to Choose mode of entry (UTME/DE).
  2. Fill the opened form to create UTME/DE screening accounts.
  • Step 1: Create account and fill in your Biodata. Click on
  • Step 2: Login and Click Edit to complete your Biodata. Click Save and Next
  • Step 3: Fill in your Institution attendant, Qualifications obtained, O’Level and JAMB details. Save and Next
  • Step 4Upload your Passport Photograph and Select Course applied JAMB. Save and Next
  • Step 5: Click on My Application to pay the required Screening Fee
  • Step 6: Click on Pay Screening Fee for payment
  • Step 7: Payment. Click on Payment Options, then select REMITA Payment and Click on continue
    1. Bank
      • Print invoice (RRR invoice) and make your payment
    2. ATM Payment Option:
      • Click Pay icon
      • Select Card type (Master card, Verve card, etc.)
      • Enter your ATM Card details and Click on Pay
      • Your Receipt will be generated automatically upon successful payment.

Note that, upon successful completion of the Application, your details cannot be altered anymore.

You will not be invited for physical screening or aptitude test. You will be notified once admitted through your CAPS or text message and your online portal.

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How to Register for ICAN with Ordinary Level Certificate

How to Register for ICAN with Ordinary Level Certificate has been made simple if the proper procedures stated in this content are followed to the end. Candidate that register with ordinary level certificate will commence his/her ICAN examination from Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa ATSWA which comprise three levels of examinations; ATS I, ATS II ATS III respectively.

How to Register for ICAN with Ordinary Level Certificate
September, 2020 Diet(Postponed to November)

“The ATSWA syllabus is divided into 3 parts and each part consists of four (4) subjects. The duration for the completion of the 3 level examination is a minimum of 15 months for those with ordinary level certificate and 6 -12 months for those with higher certificate but not a degree certificate. The examination takes place twice a year i.e. March and September”.

Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria ICAN has minimum entry qualification for registration, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and NCE are all accepted if at least five (5) credit including Mathematica and English Language are included. details of registration procedures are stated below.

Minimum Entry Requirement

Holders ordinary level certificate can proceed into ICAN registration.

  • Five (5) credit passes in any subject including English Language and Mathematics in the West Africa School Certificate Examination, General Certificate of Education or Senior School Certificate of Education, NECO equivalent not more than two sittings or NABTEB.
  • Ordinary National Diploma of any Polytechnic recognised by the Council of the Institute
  • National Certificate in Education (NCE) from any College of Education.

Registration Procedures

1. ATSWA registration fee is ₦6000 (bank charges not included) payable using any of the following methods of payment;

Download ATSWA Study Packs for Free

2. Use the transaction reference and receipt number to generate your PIN and SERIAL NUMBER here.

3. Click to submit on completion of the form.

4. Print out the completed form and sign it.

5. Attach the below documents and submit the hard copies to any of our offices;

Download ATSWA Syllabus

  • Original copy of the pay direct receipt/transaction reference
  • Certified photocopies of your credentials any (NECO,WASCE, NABTEB, OND, NCE)
How to Register for ICAN with Ordinary Level Certificate

Association of Accounting Technician AAT Certificate will be awarded upon successfully completing the Accounting Technicians Scheme of West Africa ATSWA Examinations.

Benefits of Becoming AAT Holder

AAT benefits according to the ICAN website are highlighted below.

Holders of the Association of Accounting Technicians qualification can use their certificate to proceed to the ICAN Professional qualifying examinations scheme and eventually qualify as full-fledged Chartered Accountants.

The AAT certificate can also be used to secure admission into a University to study B.Sc Accounting, Banking & Finance, Economics, Taxation, Business Administration, etc. Many Nigerian Universities equate AAT Certificate with ND (Accounting) Upper Credit and, so, admit holders into 200 level of a relevant degree programme. This is particularly crucial because these days, importance is attached to University degrees by employers of labour in the Nigerian and global economy.

How to Register for ICAN with Ordinary Level Certificate

An AAT certificate holder can work in both the private and public sectors of any economy in the world. The certificate indicates competence, integrity and ability to take on responsibility of an accounting nature. The duties that might be assigned vary from organization to organization. They range from more routine to technical works. In the commercial and industrial sectors, holders of AAT certificate should be able to earn rapid promotion to middle level management particularly with dedication and hard work

Holders of the AAT certificates are very good Audit clerks – checking records and conducting bank reconciliations.
He/She may be an invoice clerk checking invoices and arranging payments.Be required to prepare data for computer system or to prepare accounts and cash flow statements.Be required to prepare or check PAYE, VAT and other tax returns.May also be involved in more technical aspects of auditing, preparation of financial statements and budgeting.Be used as supervisors in some organizations – planning and monitoring the work of other junior staff.These are just some of the opportunities open to holders of AAT Certificates.

ATSWA Exemption Procedures for ND and NCE Holders

  • Study the Exemption Guidelines in the Syllabus or on the website to determine your Exemption status;
  • Pay through Pay-direct at any Commercial Bank with the appropriate Exemption fee;
  • Use the pay-direct receipt to access the ICAN website on the Internet;
  • Log onto ICAN website:;
  • Click on Students’ ATSWA Exemption;
  • A Box will appear requesting you to put in your pin and serial numbers, after which you click on submit to input your data;
  • Click twice on submit to submit the application on-line;
  • Print-out a copy of the application form;
  • Append your signature on the form;
  • Get a Chartered Accountant or AAT member as your Referee/Sponsor;
  • Provide his/her membership number, name and phone number;
  • Take the printed copy of the completed application form and the photocopy of your credentials to your Referee/Sponsor for certification.

Attach The Following:

  • Original copy of the pay-direct receipt
  • Certified photocopies of your Educational Certificates by your Referee
  • Original copy of the bank teller.


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CIPM Guidelines for November 2020 Online Examination

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria CIPM Guidelines for November 2020 Online Examination as stated on the institute official website. Examination date, examination registration and late registration date and fee are also highlighted, see more details below.


Download Exam Timetable Here

Online Examination Instruction & Guidelines

1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the November 2020 Diet Examination will be written ONLINE
2. The current curriculum will be used for the preparation of the exam questions
3. Examination tools are working laptop with webcam, and dedicated internet which would be provided by the Candidate
4. You are required to seat for the online exam at a conducive environment with no human disturbances or interaction
5. Your laptop webcam captures your movement and activities during the online exam
6. There is remote monitoring or invigilation at the seat of your online exam
7. Google search, opening other applications/pages, or books online is prohibited during the online exam
8. The Institute will reject any registration form that is not properly completed
9. Candidates are responsible for correctly noting the dates and times of their examination and are advised to check the timetable immediately before the exam date for any possible changes
10. Examination fees once paid are non-refundable
11. Select ONLINE EXAM as the Examination Centre
12. Make sure information loaded by the system e.g. exam category, resit subject (if any) are correct before proceeding to payment
13. Annual dues must be paid up to date
14. Download your photocard (examination card), which contains the exam time-table, in PDF and save on the laptop you would use for the online exam
15. Examination application submitted cannot be edited or modified
16. Candidates will only be allowed to sit for the course(s) registered for
17. Deferment of any examination will not be granted except on medical grounds, supported by a medical certificate/report and a letter from the candidate’s Manager or Head of Department (if applicable)
18. Contact CIPM for any clarification on your result or information on your examination application
19. Any Candidate involved in examination misconduct/malpractice shall automatically cease to continue with that paper and further papers in that examination until his/her case has been decided by the Governing Council
20. Cell phones and other mobile devices are strictly prohibited around your vicinity during exam. Any candidate found with any of such devices would not be allowed to complete that particular paper, and the paper will be cancelled.
21. If found in the examination vicinity with text book, jotted notes (scripts), and/or writing on your palm, the Candidate will be barred from writing further examinations in that diet, and subsequently for 5 years
22. Candidates caught soliciting information or assistance during examination will be barred from continuing the examination, and thereafter be suspended for 2 years
23. For a case of impersonation, the Candidate will be barred from writing further exams
24. By proceeding with payment, you agree with above terms and conditions of the Institute’s Online Examination.

CIPM Guidelines for November 2020 Online Examination

On-Line Registration & Study Packs

Online registration is compulsory for all students.



1. Open

2. On the home page, click on “Portal Login

3. Enter your student membership number (e.g. CIPM/STD/00000) and password as “password” (without quotes) if you have not changed your password

4. Change your password (This is applicable to those logging in for the first time)

5. Click on “Operations” and select “Individual Biodata” from drop down menu

6. Update your profile and ensure your scanned passport photograph (JPEG format, 20kb maximum file size) is uploaded.

7. Click on “Operations” and select “Exam Application” from drop down menu

8. Select your year and the examination diet period

9. Select your Examination Center and Study Center

10. Select “Interswitch” or “Visa” depending on the type of card you are holding

11. Select “E-tranzact” if you prefer to pay through bank deposit.


  • Go through step 1-10 above to know the amount to pay at the bank as calculated by the portal
  • Pay the total sum for exam and annual dues (Bank charges inclusive) at any bank that has E-TRANZACT platform into Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM)
  • You will be given payment receipt that contains “Confirmation Order Number
  • On the payment gateway, add your confirmation order number.

12. Go back to the portal to complete the payment.

13. Print your examination card which must contain your exam number, student number exam centre/venue and sharp passport photograph on the space for passport. (Tiny passport on individual photocards would not be acceptable).

14. Laminate your examination card.

Please note that the Institute will not be held liable for applications incorrectly filled or data not given by self or proxy or applications rejected for want of required attachment(s).

For further information, please call the Examinations Dept on 07065580294, 08120277532 or send an email to


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Imo State University 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE Screening Exercise

Imo State University 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE Screening Exercise is currently ongoing according to the information got from the university website, also procedures and requirement regards the screening exercise is stated below. Application for the screening exercise will be closed on the 30th of November 2020.

The management of Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri, hereby announces to the general public especially its prospective students, that it has commenced the registration of candidates for the 2020/2021 POST UTME screening exercise.


  • Candidates whose First choice of Institution is Imo State University, Owerri and scored the required cut-off mark of 180 and above.
  • Candidates who did not choose Imo State University as first choice University but scored the required cut-off mark can also apply on the condition that they visit the JAMB website for a change of Institution. .
  • All candidates must have five (5) O’ level credits in relevant subjects at not more than two (2) sittings. Candidates waiting O’ level results can also apply but they will not be considered for admission until their results are available


  • Visit: and select post- UTME/DE on the admission dropdown menu.
  • You will be directed to the Post-UTME/Direct Entry Page at
  • Click on register on the top banner and register with your jamb number, valid phone number and email. If your registration is successful, an account would be created automatically which you would use to apply for the post –UTME/DE
  • Click on apply for post-UTME/DE and make payment of two thousand naira (N2000) with your (Master Card, Verve Card and other Interswitch enabled Cards) .
  • If your payment is successful, a post-UTME/DE application form would open; fill the form completely and correctly and then click submit at the bottom of the form.
  • If you were unable to complete your application for any reason, you can always come back to the post- UTME/DE page at and click on login, to login to your account and complete your application before the closing date- – 30th November, 2020.
  • After submitting your application form, print the acknowledgement slip
Imo State University 2020/2021 Post-UTME/DE Screening Exercise


  • Every candidate must provide a valid email address and phone number.
  • All application must be filled and submitted online on or before the closing date.
  • Any wrong information given shall disqualify the candidate.
  • Portal opens 10th September and closes 30th November, 2020

For more information and support regarding the post- UTME application: Send an email to:

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ATSWA Examination Registration for November 2020

Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa ATSWA Examination Registration for November 2020 still currently in progress as the institute has postponed the September Diet 2020 examination to November 2020.

The Accounting Technicians Scheme, West Africa (ATSWA) examinations will hold in member countries on 10 & 11 November 2020 under the Council of The Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (ABWA). The examinations will be held in the following centres in Nigeria: Aba, Abakaliki, Abeokuta, Abuja, Ado-Ekiti, Akure, Amuwo-Lagos, Auchi, Awka, Ayobo, Benin-City, Calabar, Enugu, Ibadan, Ikeja, Ilesha, Ilisan, Ilorin, Ikorodu, Jalingo, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Lokoja, Makurdi, Malete, Minna, Mowe, Ogbomoso, Ojoo, Okija, Omu-Aran, Onitsha, Osogbo, Otta, Owerri, Oye-Ekiti, Port-Harcourt, Umuahia, Uyo, Victoria-Island, Warri and Yenagoa.

The Institute reserves the right to transfer any candidate from his or her chosen centre to another centre if the need arises.


The registration PORTAL for the September 2020 (Now November) diet of ATSWA Examinations will open from Thursday, June 04, 2020 to Thursday, November 5, 2020.


Candidates are required to register online for September (Now November) 2020 diet examinations at the ICAN website .

Check: How to become ATSWA Student Membership

Kindly note that registration for the examination is restricted to registered students of the Institute, that is, those that have been given registration numbers.

The Study Texts are available for collection FREE by candidates at any ICAN District Offices and Liaison Offices in the respective centres outside Lagos while those for Lagos centre will collect theirs at 82, Murtala Muhammed Way, Ebute-Metta, Lagos on presentation of a hardcopy of the evidence of payment.

Candidates should download MARCH 2020 diet’s INSIGHT from the Institute’s website, Also STUDY TEXTS may be downloaded from the Institute’s website under ‘STUDENTS’ icon.

ATSWA Examination Registration for November 2020


1. BEFORE PAYMENT: Check and Print out your Examination/Financial Status at the Institute’s ATS students portal: before effecting payment through Paydirect, Verve/Master ATM Card;2. METHODS OF PAYMENT FOR EXAMINATION FEES

a. PayDirect: pay directly into ICAN e-Collection Account at any Commercial bank in Nigeria. Obtain your payment Receipt and thereafter:

  • Proceed with your application for the exam at ICAN website:
  • Enter your Deposit Slip Number on the payment receipt
  • Enter your receipt number
  • Click on the SUBMIT button to generate eVoucher containing 12 digits and 6 digits PIN and Serial Number respectively required for your online registration
  • Proceed to the web address on the e-voucher i.e. to register for the examination.

b. Naira ATM Card: Pay online using your Naira ATM Visa, Verve or Mastercard by selecting the relevant payment type following the steps enumerated below:

1. Go to LOGIN BY:

ATSWA Examination Registration for November 2020
  • Entering your registration number and password to view your Examination and Financial Status if you have previously set up your account.
  • If you have not set up your account, click on “New Student Registration” to create a “Password”.
  • Click pay ICAN and select ‘WebPay’ and click on “New Payment”.
  • Scan a copy (JPEG format, 20kb maximum file size) of your passport photograph (white background) for the online registration before commencement of online examination registration.
  • On-line Registration: requirement
  • Scan a copy of your signature. (JPEG format, 20kb maximum file size)
  • Complete the Online form at ICAN website: and click on submit.
  • Print the following after clicking on submit:
    • i. Completed online examination form;
  • ii. Examination Time table, centres and their addresses;
  • iii. Examination offences and disciplinary measures;
  • iv. Examination warning to all candidates
  • Note that (iii) and (iv) above should be thoroughly understood and applied as appropriate.
  • Visit the website three days after online submission of the examination form to confirm your enrolment.


Registration for September 2020 ATSWA Examinations closes on Thursday, November 5, 2020


Candidates may not have access to the examination website after Thursday, November 5, 2020 afternoon


PART I₦24,300₦21,100₦17,900₦14,700
PART II₦26,450₦22,900₦19,350₦15,800
PART III₦29,700₦25,550₦21,350₦17,200

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CITN Student Membership Registration

The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria CITN Student Membership Registration still ongoing according to the information gathered from the institute website, procedures and requirements are stated below.

Conditions to be satisfied.
Every prospective candidate for admission to student membership must possess the basic minimum educational qualification as set by Council.
•First degree, Higher National Diploma or its equivalent.
•NYSC certificate.

•Undergraduates seeking to apply as student members of the Institute
•Five O’Level credits in WAEC or GCE or NECO in not more than 2 sittings including English language and Mathematics, provided however that O’ level pass in Mathematics is acceptable for students of humanities while O’ level Pass in English Language is acceptable for science students.
•Letters of admission into their tertiary institutions and letter of recommendation from their Head of Department and will be entitled to a special reduction cost package of 50% discount.

Also See: Download New CITN Syllabus

Registration Procedure:
•Prospective Professional students are required to apply online via the CITN website by the click on “Become a Professional Student Member” from the “Join Now” menu of the website.
•Payment can be made online with your Mastercard, Visa, Verve, Interswitch, etransact cards.
•Professional Students Registration (Inclusive of Subscription and Identity Card) 12,000.00

CITN Student Membership Registration

Annual Subscription (Billed yearly after registration) 1,500.00

For further information call Olukayode on 08054060115 or Omotayo on 07055488711, or send an e-mail to studentaffairs@

Yours faithfully,
Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria

Fisayo Awogbade, FCTI
Registrar/Chief Executive.

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