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ACCA Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian Candidate

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian Candidate is not the West African Senior School Certificate, in fact is not sufficient according to the institute portal.

The minimum entry requirements for Nigerian candidates to enroll in the ACCA qualification are the same as the global minimum entry requirements. These include:

  • At least two A-levels and three GCSEs or their equivalent in five separate subjects, including English and Mathematics.
  • A relevant degree from a recognized university or educational institution. If you have a degree, you may be eligible for exemptions from some of the ACCA exams.
  • Relevant work experience in the accounting and finance field, which may be considered in lieu of academic qualifications.
ACCA Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian Candidate

However, a candidate with O/level in Nigeria can still get entry into ACCA programs by enrolling in the ACCA qualification by taking the ACCA Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) qualification, which provides a pathway to the ACCA qualification. The FIA qualification comprises four exams, which can be taken in any order, and is designed for those with little or no accounting experience.

The four exams for Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) are:

  • FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions: This exam covers the basic principles of recording financial transactions and is intended to provide candidates with a foundation in bookkeeping and accounting.
  • MA1 – Management Information: This exam covers the basic principles of management accounting, including budgeting, cost accounting, and decision-making techniques.
  • FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records: This exam builds on the knowledge gained in FA1 and covers the preparation of financial statements, accounting for inventory, and other related topics.
  • MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance: This exam builds on the knowledge gained in MA1 and covers more advanced topics in management accounting, such as pricing strategies, cost management, and performance management.
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These exams are designed to provide candidates with a solid foundation in accounting and finance and prepare them for further study in the ACCA qualification. Candidates can take these exams in any order and may be eligible for exemptions from some of the ACCA exams depending on their performance in the FIA exams.

ACCA Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian Candidate

The Applied Knowledge tests provide you a thorough understanding of key accounting principles and are a superb introduction to the worlds of finance and accounting.

There are three tests for Applied Knowledge:

  • Business and Technology
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting

To start studying Applied Knowledge exams you must be qualified to University-entrance level. And once you’ve completed these three exams you’ll be awarded the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4) and be eligible to start from Applied Skills exams

The Applied Knowledge level provides an introduction to accounting and finance and covers the basic principles and concepts of financial accounting, management accounting, and business management.

Click HERE to start application for ACCA membership.

Below are some links to study materials provided by ACCA:

  • Study guides: ACCA provides study guides for each exam, which outline the syllabus, learning outcomes, and study tips. You can access the study guides on the ACCA website under the “Study resources” section.
  • Practice tests: ACCA also provides practice tests for each exam, which are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the exam syllabus. You can access the practice tests on the ACCA website under the “Practice tests” section.
  • Past exam papers: As mentioned earlier, you can access past exam papers and answers for each exam on the ACCA website under the “Past exam papers and answers” section.
  • Online learning: ACCA offers online learning options, such as ACCA-X and the ACCA Learning Community, which provide interactive and engaging ways to learn and prepare for the exams.
  • Study materials from accredited learning providers: You can also access study materials from accredited learning providers, such as tuition providers and publishers, who offer study materials that are tailored to the ACCA syllabus.

The exams are held four times a year in March, June, September, and December. You can choose to take the exams at an ACCA-approved exam center or online through the remote invigilation option.

In summary, to enroll for the ACCA Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian Candidate in Nigeria with FIA qualification, you will need to register with ACCA, choose a study option, pay the registration and subscription fees, study for the exams, take the exams, and gain practical experience.

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